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Why do Politicians get Involved with Football?

For my dissertation at university, I decided to research and write around a topic I've always felt curious about, why do politicians get involved with football? What's more, after choosing three relevant case studies, I began to analyse them in conjunction with the 'Imagined Communities' concept constructed by political scientist, Benedict Anderson.

The following months and many hours I dedicated to this piece of writing led me through some fascinating rabbit holes regarding my three chosen case studies. These looked, in-depth, at politicians' involvements in football, and tried to explain them in regards to the Imagined Communities concept.

The three case studies touched upon politicians involvements in England (and Chelsea FC), FC Barcelona and infamous Isreali club Beitat Jeruselum FC. 

'Why do Politicians get Involved with Football' earned me a high First mark and is available for down in PDF format through the button on this page.

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